About Practice

Circle Gynaecology is a private gynaecology practice based in Buckinghamshire. It was founded by Miss Sucheta Iyengar to care for your gynaecological health in a holistic way using the latest techniques and procedures. We are there for you at every stage of your life, from puberty through to menopause and beyond.

Holistic care

As well as offering a full range of diagnostic tests, procedures and treatments we also advise on preventative care and measures to improve your overall gynaecological health. Our preventative screening programmes are there to pick up on potential problems before they can develop into anything more serious.

Our promise to you:

As a patient of Circle Gynaecology we promise:

  • To care about you as an individual
  • To spend time listening to your concerns, understanding and diagnosing your symptoms and explaining the treatment options available to you
  • To provide medical expertise, backed by sensitivity, reassurance and personalised care.

Meet principal gynaecologist, Miss Sucheta Iyengar

Our values

Compassion, reassurance and understanding

We understand that gynaecological problems can be worrying and embarrassing and we make every effort to provide a friendly, professional and reassuring environment. Our team are highly experienced in giving discreet, compassionate, individualised care to women and children of all ages.

A calm, unhurried environment

To help you to relax, we provide a comfortable waiting area and treatment rooms and calm, unhurried consultations. All new patients receive a 30-minute appointment to provide plenty of time for examination, discussion and questions. Follow-up appointments are generally around 20 minutes.

Swift accurate diagnosis

When you are experiencing health problems, we appreciate how important it is to find out what is wrong quickly and to understand the options available to you. We provide swift, accurate diagnoses as the first step on the road to recovery or more effective symptom management.

Clear explanation of your condition and treatment options

We offer a simple, clear explanation of your condition using everyday language. We will set out the treatment options available to you, explaining the benefits and risks without causing unnecessary anxiety or fear.

Prompt treatment using the latest approaches and technologies

We provide a comprehensive range of treatments using the latest approaches and technologies. Our staff are continuously updating and improving their skills and procedures.

Specialist treatments and clinics


Ours is one of the only gynaecology units in the area to offer colposcopy, which is a diagnostic procedure using a colposcope to examine the cervix and vagina. It is used to detect and treat precancerous lesions that can lead to cervical cancer if left untreated.


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Circle Gynaecology leads the way in caring for women approaching the menopause. We run specialist menopause clinics and provide comprehensive, up to the minute advice. Few other clinics in the area provide such a holistic menopause service.

Our approach is to provide medical expertise, backed by sensitivity, reassurance and personalised care.

Many gynaecology symptoms and conditions are common. We are with you at every step so you can get back to feeling yourself.